We are inspired by creating beautiful things. Objects that are crafted by hand embody a unique identity. And convey a special sense of purpose. We look at objects from yesteryears and marvel at the craftsmanship. It never ceases to amaze us how every utilitarian object had an element of ornamentation. And vice versa.

We are moved by good design. It elevates. Makes distinctive, the ordinary.

So many handcrafting traditions have ceased to be. There were game changers. The colonisers, the industries. And today, the dynamics of a market driven economy.

We've looked at things up close, and we've stepped back to see the bigger picture. It matters to us that artisans have been relegated. And that our heritage has been compromised. We think there's work to be done.

So that's the plan. To reinvigorate. And make old artisan traditions come alive. That's what we love to do. To make beautiful things, that matter. Things that are owned, treasured, loved and then passed on. Things that make you feel good and do good.

Because it gives us joy. And purpose.

Tambat Ali is a small settlement of metalworking artisans. These artisans migrated to Pune in the 17th century under the royal patronage of the Peshwas. Over 800 of them. They beat on copper and made artillery, royal seals, utensils and more. For more than three centuries.

Then one day the British regime replaced the Peshwas. Then came steel and plastic. And the artisans dwindled in numbers and faded into obscurity. A few artisans still practice a living heritage. Only about 80 of them. Not knowing what to do with this craft.

That's why we started Coppre. To reconstitute and revive. And to breathe new life into our heritage.

Because this is what we do best - design - craft - propagate.

So yes, the spotlight will be back.

On our artisans, our craft, and our heritage.