Bidri - Exploring and reinterpreting a 14th Century Craft

Bidri - Exploring and reinterpreting a 14th Century Craft

The Bidri craft form abounds in centuries' old heritage. 
With inspirations from overseas and origins in the Indian soil,  
this craft is known for its black alloy and silver inlay.

Our Bidriwares are unique with their copper inlay work. 
Auspicious floral motifs of Indian origin deck our miniature boxes - Mango, Neem and Sona,  
Indian fauna too - Elephant, Camel and Parrot 
Lastly, motifs of beads are an ode to Jewelry and Ornamentation

The High Tea

The High Tea Collection is a mélange of serveware products perfect for modern-day entertaining and hosting. Host a perfect table with a basket of contemporary products, handcrafted to perfection. The product range includes Cheese boards, Finger Food  Platters, Buntings, Pastry Stands, Nesting Bowls.

Russet Revival

Russet Revival is a personification of love for handcrafted metalware. Designed in collaboration with Riccardo Giovanetti Design Studio, the series explores the elegance of the metal copper in simple shapes and basic functionalities. It celebrates its colour, the forms it takes and the superlative skill and finesse of the artisans which translates design into a functional product. The collection was first showcased at Salone d'el Mobile, Milan, in April 2016.

Heirlooms for Little People

Here's to babies, the arduous yet joyful journey of feeding their fussy tastebuds and nourishing them for life and the thoughtful practice of gifting heirlooms. This is the essential gift set for newborns - feeding bowls, platter bowls weaning spoons and a toddler tumbler. Traditional gifting is back with our specially designed serveware for newborns

Metal Mania

We love metal. Copper, silver, brass and bronze.
We explore and create newness. In shapes, contours and utilities.
That's why we bring to you 'Metal Eclectic'.
With Kansa, the good old alloy in its classic gastronomic platter
Quaint copper in our tea-lights and brass in our first Prayer Platter. The product range is an ode to metals, copper, brass and our foray into bell metal with the Tulsi Kansa Platter.

Reviving the practice of Traditional Wellness

A shiny rosy metal -
It cleanses, enriches
Both precious and auspicious
Its copper, the water bearer
Contains water and wisdom of the ages
Embrace traditional wellness with copper-charged water
The product range is dedicated to Water Bearers including Tumblers, Jugs and Carafes.

Celebrating Copper

'Coppre Essentials' celebrating an uber-cool and versatile metal! Bringing copper's attributes into usable forms for everyday living. Health & Healing - Copper & Water
Malleability - Copper & Tableware
Aesthetics - Copper & Lighting
The product range comprises of Water Bearers, Tableware and our first Lighting products.

Designs from enchanting yesteryears

Yesteryears are enchanting. They holster memories - the happy and sad ones. The things we did for adventure and thrill. They brim with truth, confidence and innocence.

It reminds us- of days filled with sand castles, water games and summer holidays spent in mango orchards.

Of nightfall braced by the comfort of grandmother's food and bedtime stories. There is a reason why old is gold. And vintage is treasured.

This product range has been inspired by a trunkful of vintage articles from Bangladesh, then East Pakistan. It comprises of Floaters, Tableware and Serve ware including Platters, Nut Bowls and Floaters.

Bedeck your home for festivities and family times

Each year, there comes a time when lamps are lit and flowers deck homes.

It is a time of merriment, food and family time. Festivities and mithais too.

The product range comprises of Tea-lights, Candle Light Holders and Tableware. Designs draw inspiration from nature.

Coppre's very first range - a motley of objects

We believe in good design and keepsakes. Copper's very first range is a motley of objects.
And an ode to the beautiful metal, our namesake. It represents the aesthetic and utilitarian sensibilities of today.

This collection is more than a motley of objects. It is a vision. Of how to bring alive heritage while keeping the handcrafting process, sacrosanct.

The product range comprises of Tableware and Serveware including Platters, Nut Bowls and Floaters.